Ecstatic Celebration of Light




The celebration of light vegans rave about.

We are dedicated to the celebration and study of light that twinkles in your eyes when you are joyous. Or happy or pouring love on the person you are with or are communicating with.

We believe one must celebrate and rejoice every occurrence of light in the eyes .

It is so important, so significant it actually defines your life path or appears at moments when your life path is being defined.

In some instances it is your long path's definitions that take place when that light twinkles in your eyes and as such you cannot let it go unsaid but the opposite ;  you must purposely rejoice and celebrate its coming, it's appearance, occurrence.

Maybe you can set out to put on a candle lit dinner party with a few friends JUST because today that light twinkled in your eye upon meeting a friend or just thinking of one.... Or an exchange with a total stranger may bring to life that light in your eyes and heart .

The deeper the love in your heart, the more frequently that light appears and not only when in love, but also when merely communicating with others in our lives.


The more sincerely you celebrate light the more ecstatic you can become, just at a thought of a bite of a fruit or an early night, or a twinkle of light in your friend's eye.

When you both know one of you is fibbing, but let it go uncaught, that light twinkles for both of you.

When you share happiness that light shines so strong one might think it is shining from your heart not only your eyes.

The highest conscience is most aware of this light. That is why vegans - the environmentally conscious sphere of earth's people know most about that light.

That is why we called it Vegan Light..non vegans can see and feel it just as much of course, it's just that they don't, for there are far too many blockers in their way to experience that light instead of allowing component elements aid and support the way for seeing and creating that light to appear and guide.

The world of the paraben, the paraplegic also goes nuts for that light and communication with it and of it. 

It has healing qualities beyond medicine and carries the conscience necessary for the understanding of the paraben world and death actually - which is rare other than in the world of this light.

The fiddlers of our societies love it just as much and they cannot live without it for the tricks of the world of the fiddler, lit up in nano-seconds of lengths of time ARE made of this light, and a good fiddler will catch the idea or the message that flash of light carries.

The ideas popping into the heads of successful entrepreneurs are derived from the same fountain of light also.

And of course people in love see and use this light all the time.

So do people crying.

It's beyond all egotistical states of mind. It is just  simply manifestation of pure joy and love.

It holds, carries and stores therefore remembers no fear, anger, worry or hate or emotions lower ..

It is of pure love, without creed or credence, for all of every one of us just the same yet for those of us with higher conscience it is easier to understand, generate. To talk about and to celebrate.

Though we called it Vegan Light, it is not enough to be a vegan to live and rejoice this magical entity.  There are additional elements of love and understanding which you must practice in order to be enabled to participate in the celebrations.  I've seen vegan events not much aware of the science of light they Had all advocated by the mere nature of being at the event - what a funny phenomenon  ... I thought.

The high conscience of eco warriors is good enough for the study and celebration  of light and the paraben man's understanding and highest conscience of care is also more than adequate for rejoicing light in the correct form.

Yet we called it vegan light for most of us it is simple to become a vegan (you just quit eating animal products) but would be rather tedious to become well seasoned eco warriors.

Celebration of Light

We will guide you through to your own attainment of your own ecstatic happiness using the guidance of light  itself


You can make contact with other people by just a wink or through touching and feeling 


Joy is a higher element than praise (and that's a copyrighted bit of info)

It is joy that awaits us when we die and it is joy we are born into.  Joy is past pain  as such the greatest healer and beyond the power of most emotions we know of.


Laughter is also a great healer and if it is from the bottom of our heart it makes us completely forget ourselves and venture into the realms joy it provides for us 

Did you know?

The study of the science of light that twinkles in your eyes when you are happy is considered by many to be beyond words

One of the main texts on faith and on the science of light  simply says ... "Then there was light..."

It is also said that we have attempted to to do the impossible therefore to put into words what we think the science of light is

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