ANY of VEGAN will guide you across

We will do an exceptional job of it

There is no match to the Service we are offering.


The strength of our faith is unrivaled and our accuracy and Karmic know-how is phenomenal  and unrivaled.


We do believe any vegan may guide you across and some may believe a close friend or family member maybe better suited to the task than we are however our strength of faith gives us very strong confidence in the perfection of our Service we provide you may not find elsewhere.


Imagine 'popping off' in karmic accuracy in a laughter filled ecstasy. Now that would be a story and a half... Certainly worth more than your earthly possessions put together.


 If we can get you to invest in the timing element of it too... could turn out to be a death made in heaven... and falling short of selling Scratch Cards or Lucky Dips in case you are the winner - for example our favorite customer for real rather than in just pretentious delusion about just that - in this imaginary queue for heavenly ecstasy on your death path rather than sadness we are offering a non-delusional structure of luck and love purchasable and you won't even need to stick with us - though we know you will - you are completely free as freedom and liberty of spirit, free will and choice are the basic guiding factors for our Cosmic Consciousness

It ain't exactly like a funeral plan

We guide you across in hilarity: ha - ha - ha will have been your path if you choose our guidance and existing knowledge on how light will allow you to take decisions at the moment of your death, (rather than at your funeral) on what elements of long life (karmic consciousness) you are taking with you and who will have been your joy partners and what bits of your life may be lit in what ways to ease your journey across.  And we do that in fun rather than remorse even if there will be more to regret than to rejoice we will focus on finding the joyous, happy funny elements of your life whilst you are alive so you can see clearly on that path too.

We provide an almost painless road.

Our belief is that joy awaits for you on the other side and therefore it is the joyous path we have chosen to light for all who believe in the same as we hold true to our hearts.

It is so true