We are aware we are lighting your Karmic path.


We take full responsibility in lighting that path and are available to answer absolutely any questions you may have, including about why is the mirror "saying" what it is "saying" and could you get a different picture altogether, if you paid extra. To which the answer is of course we will paint a different truth for you if the one in truth just cannot be faced, but will also tell you it is for that purpose; for truth can also be what your friends paint it to be, and we will be your friends on your journey. 


So yes you may buy extra niceness impacting your Karmic path for all so often just one person saying exactly that which you are wanting to hear IS in fact enough, you see you then can tell your auntie just the same and it becomes truth. It becomes truth by your aunt anyway and your uncle will match the truth your aunt talks and that way you have a karmic jump in your life for which in truth you would pay the entirety of your possesions but of course we will never do you out of your wealth for that karmic jump.


Another way of putting the above is that most if not all people realize the service we provide is worth beyond the worth of all of their earthly posessions. Some will have had similar experiences practicing Tai Chi or some strict form of yoga and some will have had a similar experience during going vegan, but whilst Tai Chi opens up a completely new world for this life our service ensures a karmic trip that is on your long path, not just this moment, and for that reason we chose to be expensive.

   Our highest standard of service is expensive but even your less exquisite alternatives shall keep true to that element of truth that's required for such in-depth guiding on life paths.


We operate outside all known court structures except the design for India and for the holy cows, as they have their own hierarchy and we had learned from them a lot on our journey including the fact everything we learn from them they had learnt from us in the first place,  Yet there is something majestic about incorporating the karmic conscience  of the holy cow as is - rather than adopted to Westernized  meat eating courts of meat eating kingdoms, so we have done exactly that, which does actually mean a disclaimer is not called for here. Otherwise you may hold us responsible for absolutely anything and everything we tell you including the tone of voice we use to tell you on your long karmic path, which does mean that should you have a legal grunt against us, you will actually win your case in a spirit court of high conscience, which does have impact on future or past lives which are outside the realms of our courts.

We will even preoccupy ourselves with why is the rest of society unknowing about these issues and therefore why can't I easily tell my friends in an intelligent way what I have just learnt - despite the dire need for such communication.