The benefits 

 Vegans lead a highly conscious life, stepping onto the platforms of being spoilt in life just by the mere fact of leading a vegan lifestyle.  Vegans are spoilt in A myriad of ways

Higher Enabled Acceptance of Fate
Higher Flavoring  of life (and food 🍲)
Being able to be picky and choosy
Seeping well
Able expression of self
Registering and retaining events in a way in which they actually occur
Eating well
Proper quantities, shelf life and variety
Better digestion
Distinguishing flavours
Aquintance with spices
Ability to burp
Controlled stomach movements
Sensation and Enjoyment of bowel movements 
Digestion and bowel movements on a higher plane
Clear understanding of ingredients
Understanding finances from a higher platform
Having an insight into sustainable living
Concepts from the realm of sustainability actually entering into our lives 
Significantly smaller eco footprint 
'Getting ' the concept of Farming
Understanding the theorem of bio diversity
Insight into bird life
Insight into Insect life
Social conscience 
Accessing the kindness of the animal world 🌍 
Map brain
Altogether Accessing a higher plane field of your brain
High levels of energy ⚡ 
Living in a higher Resonance world
Better Health
Clearer pathways (of spirit, food and air)
Higher Prosperity 
Deeper Understanding
Deeper Insight
Greater Knowledgeablity
Improved Flexibility 
More Clarity
Clearer direction on faiith
Peeping into the elements of karmic faith
Riding waves of higher conscience
Clearer communication form
Clearer and stronger focus
Higher drive
Healthy libido
Clearer sexuality
Higher Ability to orgasm
Opening to Multiple orgasmic realities and celebacy 
New ways of Communicating sexual pleasures in a majestic manner 
Higher pleasures of other sensual planes
Better hearing
Extra layers of detecting sound and smell
Clearer vision and sight
Understanding of gender differences
Catered for in multiple ways in higher manners
Seeing through murky waters like governmental misguidance or blips of our health systems
Deeper wisdoms
Figuring of Family matters and relations
Code cracking
Noticing  and under patterns 
Mental wellbeing and strength 💪 
Higher awareness of everything,  absolutely everything around us
Expressive communication
Hooking into wildlife
Familiarity with wild foods
Educated choices
Organic living
Self healing and repair
Extra planes of time
Additional extras
Experiencing everything from a higher platform of conscience 
Nicer skin and coating
Better aging
Better taste
Stronger and easier friendships
More efficient ways of processing information
Arousal of interest in just about anything
Open 🔓 to praise
Positive support
Past failureism 
Insight into the component elements of luck 🍀 
Understanding chance
Understanding accidents 
Understanding health from a platform that s outside the health professionals
Clearer conscience
Nicer dreams
Easy drifting into rpm
Habitual betterment 
Conscious passing on of habits between generations
Deeper understanding and forgiveness
More colorful palette 🎨 
More time for virtually everything
Ability of Actualization
Extra Celebratory capabilities
Additional ➕ tones and styles
Tonnes of additional ➕ tones and styles
Magnitude of worldly prop portions
Stronger memory banks
Understanding storage of information
Quicker reaction time
Multiple layers of reactions 
Knowledge of Hilarity
Sharper sense of humor 
Sharper sense of style
..and edge
Enhanced social ability
Equipped with the Ability to erect standing stone circles of significant size - did you know
Succinct expression of needs
Higher bliss
Clarity on reproductive function
Wider range of Societals 
Enhanced Visionary abilities and capabilities
Hunger for truth
Multiple ability for 'Happy go lucky 🍀 '
Higher pity and charitabilty 
Clearer panes of devotion
Understanding of universal paths truths, drivers
Insight into forces of nature
Overcoming obstacles 
Sensation of satisfaction on multiple levels
Complete to finish
Perfect Design
Access to principles of design
New facets of Confession
Regularity of practice of confession
Ability to stop ✋ for the important elements
Higher Allowances in Quantity quality speed and depth
Higher impact of speech 💬 and effect
Weight of Thought
Clearer demarcation on Existence and existentialism
Grasping Distribution in an intelligent manner
Understanding of Oddities 
Endless flows
Enabled receptors of a variety of 'gifts' like positive attention, praise 
Fountain of Royal trickery open 🔓 
The elements of Earth and 🌍 Wind 🍃  Fire 🔥 and Water 💦 become clearer
Additional extra and more slants on care
Insights into additions of care world
Much Understanding from the the paraben platform
Information digested from the paraben platform
Deeper meditative states
Deeper delirium
Strength 💪 
More colorful associations
Accessing more precise measurement 
Utilizing more accurate scale
More accurate form of the jigsaw
Greater comfort
Higher trust
Higher truth
Higher guidance
Enhanced Perception of beauty


There list goes on actually, the above are but a few in real terms. There are thousands or endless possibilities Feel Free to comment and add your own views and insights.